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What can you expect


Hosting a party, especially for children, can get challenging at times. For those parents that have hectic schedules, but like to host the top of the line events, we got you covered. We take our time to research what is in style in the world of children, what they think is cool and at the same time good for them.  We find creative ways to give them what is good for them while still delivering the FUN Factor.


We know schedules can get hectic, and even when trying to keep your “To do” list updated, things might fall through the cracks. But don’t despair, we will make sure that when you plan an event with us we got all the details covered. We will follow up as much as you need us to and meet our deadlines and yours. A party is a celebration for you to enjoy and not stress over it.

Social Responsibility

We want to teach our children to care for the environment we live in, and a way to do so is to teach by example.  We will take care of providing products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We have done our research and continue to look for vendors that provide products that are eco-friendly and affordable for our party packages.