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Lilieth Betancourt (Founder)

Coming from an advertising background, I see events as a form of expressing a little of yourself. Every event represents who you are as a person, your likes and dislikes. Every person I have hosted a party for have one common focus, keeping their guests happy.  It is very important how your guests feel at your event because indirectly it is a representation of you. Even when hosting a Kid Party, one must think about offering the best to those little ones as if they were your own.

As a mother of two little ones I am always looking for ways to give my children the best possible start in everything.  After meeting a few moms with kids that have allergies to certain foods, or are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD, I brought it upon myself to offer mothers like these healthier options for their parties.

Fetes de Lili is my way to spread the party ideas that will not break the bank and make the child’s dream party a reality.  From looking for vendors that provide Gluten Free Birthday Cakes to having interactive games that an Autistic Child would enjoy, I hope to accomplish a change in the common denominator in children parties. I want to open the mind of other parents to consider healthier options for their kids and their little friends.  Don’t forget those kids that have an allergy and provide food options that would not single them out of the crowd. Remember that each event you host is a representation of who you are.