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The Car Goes VROOM!

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Stress-Free Party Planning

After hosting a few parties for  family and friends, I’ve learned a…

Stress-Free Party Planning

By: FetesAdmin


After hosting a few parties for  family and friends, I’ve learned a few tips on avoiding the last minute running around before guests are suppose to arrive. As a host you should be relaxed and ready to party with your guests. You can still do the spontaneous dinners or cocktails with friends and still have fun at your own party.


Where are the Caterers for Kid Parties?

By: FetesAdmin


During my pregnancy with my second child I took some classes to get certified as an event planner and also learn about dining services. There was a discussion about how to hire a caterer for a wedding or a party. When I asked the teacher if there is such a thing as a kid party (more…)