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Our story

Fêtes de Lili started as a hobby in 2001 inspired by a few advertising events during the Dot Com Boom. These extravagant parties opened our creative minds to chic and unique party decoration ideas. All these events always had creative ways to present their products and build brand loyalty by giving guests a little taste of the glamour.

Eventually after a few years of absorbing creative decor and event themes Fêtes de Lili was born as a family and friends social gathering hobby. Hosting our own parties was fun and entertaining.  We started with cocktail parties, bachelorette parties and birthdays for adults. Later on as our own families grew and more little ones roam our hallways, Fetes de Lili changed focus to Kid Parties and Baby Showers.

Today we continue to be a family owned business of moms, aunties and grandmothers that look for the next creative idea to offer children a whimsical party on their special day. The fantasy starts from their mommy’s bellies with sweet and tender designs for Baby Showers.